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Leisure activities

We will gladly organize trips, hikes and much more for your leisure:

  • Explore the island by foot or by bike with the Borkum resident Bucki Bergmann.
  • Hike through the dunes or mudflats guided by certified mudflat guides.
  • Let a Borkum bird expert explain to you the connections between Borkum's ecosystems and its inhabitants (also offered as a nightly nature hike on demand).
  • Climb to the top of the new lighthouse and enjoy the fascinating sight of the island from a bird's eye view.
  • Take a carriage ride across the island.
  • Set sail on one of the AG EMS excursion ships. Trips to the seal banks, for crab fishing, to the neighboring islands of Juist and Norderney, to the crab fishing harbor Greetsiel and to Groningen or Ameland are offered.
  • Visit Borkum's Dykhus museum of local history with the whale hall and have a look at the island's history from the whale catching time until the present.
  • Explore the Borkum Riff lightship museum and find information on the fascinating ecosystem of the Wattmeer Nationalpark mudflats.
  • For friends of sports, we will gladly book tennis courts (hall courts also available), horse rides, surfing or catamaran lessons.

Please understand that the Nordsee-Hotel can not always guarantee for all of the above mentioned activities, as the realization is partially bound to seasonal conditions. The prices for these activities are based upon the number of participating persons and can be received upon inquiry.