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Dear guests, we will close our hotel on Sunday, 19.11.2017 and open for you again on Thursday, 28.12.2017.

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Historic house with culinary sign

After the end of the successful whaling season, Borkum has increasingly developed into a popular holiday destination, which is now visited by almost 300,000 guests a year. The splendid first-class hotels, which were built on the upper promenade from the end of the 19th century and are still considered to be outstanding accommodation, bear a large part in this impressive tourist development.

One of these top addresses is the North Sea Hotel, built by the first bathing doctor, Dr. med. Gerd Schmidt, who was already working on the island in 1891. In the meantime, the fifth generation of Fokker Schmidt jr. To this day, tens of thousands of satisfied holidaymakers spent their free days here - and they were always enthusiastic about the great location not far from the Borkum pedestrian malls as well as the direct view of the beach and the sea.

However, it is not only the guests who are staying overnight that can enjoy the historic hotel. The in-house restaurant Burchana invites every Borkumerurlauber to pamper themselves culinary - and to be convinced by the new concept. Visitors to the restaurant will enjoy a delicious cuisine, which will delight the eyes and taste buds alike. In addition to the classic dishes, the menu holds a selection of vegetarian and started dishes prepared and convinces with surprising low-car recipes.

After ten years of successful buffet cuisine, Fokker Schmidt jr. And his four cooks in the pre-season formally joined the chef in the kitchen for a decade, and created their dishes. At the same time, they did not shy away from the cost and effort and created an offer that from the classic to the trendy nutritional form has everything the guest's heart desires. Even lovers of good drops come at the Burchana course at their expense. Thus, the wine menu offers a wide range of top organic wines.


Burchana Nordseehotel


  • Hotel management Fokke Schmidt jr.
  • Buberstraße 9
  • 26757 Borkum
  • Tel. 04922 3080

Opening hours

  • Daily 18:00 - 21:00 hours


  • Regional and international cuisine with modern influences

Kitchen Chairs

  • Jan Oostinga, Malte Düprée

Service management

  • Jasmin Vogel


  • On reservation: fresh sole, lobster and much more


  • Restaurant: 150